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The Ex-Factor Guide

Brad Bawning’s Ex-Factor Guide [how to get your ex back] is notably one of the peculiar coach books in our contemporary era. 

Most of the times, it has been the paradigm that, for professional psychological help, it centers mainly on relationship guides which nurture and develop a healthy interpersonal connection, understanding the psyche of an opposite sex, and/or improving marriage.

Yet, this digital material focuses on rescuing a relationship that has been severed or ended.

Brad Bawning is one of the respected life and relationship coaches in his professional field.

Adept in human psychology, life exploits, and professional experiences, this author carefully and scientifically crafted and designed this Ex-Factor Guide to suit the apparent needs of human’s psychological reconstruction after a traumatic break up from a relationship.

How Do You Win Your Ex Back

A very intriguing and tough topic to discuss, yet, it is challenging at the same time. A nagging question would be: how to win your ex back? how can someone recover his/her lost love? How do you exactly get you ex back when he or she does not want to have anything to do with you anymore?

It is not unimaginable that, prior to break up, a tumultuous situation happens, such as negative emotions, drama, and other unhealthy advances by both sides.

How do you make it possible for someone whom you love but gone will return to your loving arms again? How do you recover him? How do you make him realize a second chance? How to get your ex boyfriend back? How to get your ex girlfriend back? How do you win your man back? Or vice-versa.

It boils down to strategies, a tactical planning so to speak. Coinciding with this approach, this Ex Factor Guide will provide you the needed information to actualize and realize such strategic planning.

This book is created for such purpose and objective using scientific methodologies in connection with the knowledge of human psychology. 

In the ultimate analysis, the basic idea is the real mistake in almost all people when they were left behind. They tend to beg, hence, lowering their dignity, which will make the other party prouder and egocentric.

Stoic Aura To Win Your Ex Back

Nonetheless, this digital blueprint guide upturns everything in your favor and will make the leaving person vulnerable to your stoic aura. Immediately after feeling the upper hand, the other individual who left you will start to be surprised.

He or she will now feel your indifference, much less your lack of interest in the breakup.

It will, thus, make him or her curious of what had happened. A feeling of compulsion to reach out again will reverberate in his or her mind considering that you were unaffected, especially so not having to contact him or her at all. This is the grand scheme of the blueprint.

A portrayal of being detached will do the trick. Indifference and unaffected attitude will excite and astonish the mind of the other who is proud and narcissist.

Be nonchalance and give your ex a dose of his or her own medicine. Utilize mind games to boost your value in your ex-partner’s eyes. 

Eventually, they will realize that leaving a former partner is not the latter’s loss but more on them. They will scamper to return to your arms.

This is just human nature, be stoic and you will mystify. This digital material is an eye-opener and very unorthodox yet pragmatic—a highly efficient guide.

Let us dive into it in a granular perspective.

The Good Points of Ex Factor Guide:

  • A 220-page digital blueprint, with the credential of being an online bestseller for years, it is highly dedicated to help individuals who suffered, or may be suffering, from a tumultuous and yet unwanted break-up.
  • This material has been sold for thousands of copies already in the online market, and yet still at its peak.
  • Having great reviews coupled with accomplishment narratives from purchasers, this digital book has a strong social relevance and that its methods really do work.
  • After a relationship severance, chances are you may be emotionally hurting. You may excessively react, become depressed, and placed yourself in a much deeper hole than you would ever want to be.
  • You will try hard to win back your ex, and that for you will seem to be a desperate wanting on a pathetic side.
  • You will eventually lose your cards and the other party will be alienated from you even more, owing to his prideful feeling.
  • Fear not, this digital blueprint will tell you how to not be in such a mess and to obviate such possibility.
  • Ex-Factor Guide strategizes comprehensive approach for you to implement and execute. It is uncomplicated and straightforward. 
  • An easy to understand efficient tactics that do away with all the conjectures and guesswork. You just have to love the plan and follow it substantially to the letter and by heart.
  • After a ruptured relationship and while mending its unhealthy psychological effects, anger, woes, and sometimes even loathe permeate your mind.  You may have the feeling of wanting your ex to return to you.
  • This proves, on the other hand, to be a crucial mistake. By desperately entreating your ex’ return, you will, wittingly or unwittingly, be cascading your true value and significance.
  • The other party may even scoff at you, while being loaded with an ego boost, preying on your dire needs.
  • Fortunately, this Ex Factor Manuscript Will level the playing field and make the ego boosted individual blind to your schemes. It works anathema to human psychology or may prove unconventional in the nature and order of things.
  • By not harping on so much entreaty and supplication to win your ex back, you will be seen as a person who does not care so much for him.
  • You will reveal to him that your ex is a nonsense, and you will be better off without him—this is precisely the idea and a perfect one at that.  All of a sudden, things will change. It will have a runabout. You will be on the winning side of the equation.
  • Most of the time or quite frantically in fact, being snobbish, uncaring, and indifferent are enough factors to make them have a U-turn.
  • This is practically a psychological tool and a mind over emotion tactic. You may have to master its art to get what you want—the return of your ex. This digital guide will instruct you how to effectuate that.
  • This guide has two systematic paradigms, one for man and another for woman.
  • This is great as it recognizes the differences in the nature of our two types of gender and their respective sensibilities. 


  • Lots of guides in this field focuses on one size fits all endeavor. Hence, the result may be limited and not as encompassing when it comes to gender sensitive approaches.
  • This Ex-Factor Guide may be result oriented since its foundation on human psychology analyzes the differences between the thinking and thought processes of both species.
  • This is gender specific, and it concentrates on them distinctively knowing the proper signals to come up with appropriate method of interpersonal connection.
  • Anxious that this guide will not match your expectations? Kindly do not worry. You are protected with money back assurance guarantee. Use it for 60 days. If this is not for you, you can always ask for a refund, as per creator’s guarantee. Hence, no risk at all on your part.
  • Nonetheless, the almost nil [low] refund rate suggests and shows that this digital guide and material has a relatively high-efficient ratings. It will probably do its job of giving the best strategies to execute your objectives.
  • A 24-hour customer support for related queries is in place. If you have doubts or questions, you can effectively reach them.
  • The author, Brad Bawning, is in this field practice, focusing on human psychology. His expertise is undoubted. Thus, he is an authority on this topic. This will explain why the strategies and tactics are effective.

The Militating Grounds Influencing the Proven Strategies of Ex Factor Guide

  • While the methods contained in this blueprint, aside from being based on scientific approach involving human psychology, is proven and tested, still, in some relationships, the break up left rumbling wounds that somehow cannot be fixed mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • These are deep scars that cannot be forgiven at an instant or even by a lapse of considerable period of time. Hence, the results may be relative depending on the degree of hate and anger consequent to break-up.
  • Thus, if one cheated his partner, and caught in an uncompromising situation, or if there are really so much physical and mental abuse bordering on, or even beyond, battery, applying the instructions in this guide may be greatly affected.
  • He or she may not be able to win back his or her partner because of the gravity and seriousness of the grounds. Hence, you have to be aware that while this is a proven and tested guide, it may still be affected and does not guarantee a 100% success rate.
  • You can only get this guide online. You will need to print it out as a handy reference.

Should You Try and Apply It?


If you really want to bring back your ex-partner into your loving arms again, this book may definitely help you and open your mind to certain information that are there but you ignore to apply.

The step by step procedure and tactics in this guide went through a series of test using actual experiences. The methods are refined to properly apply to a given situation which this product seeks to address.

Hence, every single and proven hack and tip are examined and extensively analyzed. It works, based on several testimonials about the product.

While you may be in this peculiar circumstance [without this guide], it may happen that you might be doing things only based on your emotions, thus, not attaining your desired objectives. Now, this material will help you fix that.

Ex-Factor Guide recognizes the fact that it is instinctive to be desperately in need to do something to bring back good times.

However, it also does have a plan to make you calm. Relax, and levelheaded in order to have a clear thought process. In that way, you can intelligently act to suit your best interest and not the other way around.

The instructions, information, advice, and similar suggestions are based on human psychology. Necessarily, it will work well. Most individuals just do not have the clear, proper, and appropriate comprehension to practically win back their ex-partner.

Now, you have your own advantage.

The Ex Factor Guide provides you the strategic points to follow and apply. All you ought to know is to be in constant reminder that this is mind game, and you need to have the full grasp of your value and dignity as a human being. This guide will instruct you to be like that.

Then, you will be amazed that success is in the offing and likely to happen soon, thereby, winning back the love that you believe you have lost.

Halt your continuous ordeal, mental turmoil, and heartache. Implement the strategic plans which this guide provides to get your ex as soon as possible. Time is gold and so are you.

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